LeBron James 2003-04 Black Diamond #184

Sold: 2/4/2021
# of Bids: 37
Final Price: $670.00

LeBron James cards have experienced a drastically significant increase in value over just the past year alone. Pretty much anything depicting his likeness seems to bring consistently higher returns with each passing sale. His rookie cards are some of the most desirable in the entire trading card market. Offered here is an example of the LeBron James 2003-04 Black Diamond rookie card. This particular card comes from a condition sensitive set with a foil-to-edge design. This example possesses some very minor condition flaws on its reverse side. There are small dimples along the top edge and a shallow indentation down towards the middle right. While superficial, these flaws are expected to impact the card’s final grade should it be submitted. Despite the trivial condition flaws, this card is in otherwise excellent condition and would make a solid addition to the collection.

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