Derek Jeter 1996 Metal Universe #87 SGC 9

Sold: 4/22/2021
# of Bids: 21
Final Price: $19.00

While Derek Jeter’s official rookie cards exist in a variety of releases from 1993, it wasn’t until 1996 when he logged enough experience to qualify for rookie status in professional baseball. What this means is that while releases depicting his likeness from 1996 aren’t in fact rookie cards, they are rookie-year cards. 1996 was also the inaugural year of Skybox’s Metal Universe, which features a magnanimous design with planets and intricate full bleed surface etching. The set was inspired by the then popular trading cards from the Marvel Universe, which also featured similar design qualities. This was Skybox’s attempt to introduce that trend into baseball cards and it was welcomed with warm embrace. The full edged design makes these cards highly condition sensitive with anything grading an 8 or more commanding respect. This specimen achieved a Mint 9 by SGC. It’s a magnificent example of the Yankees Captain that’s sure to collect and retain attention and conversational value.

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